Axel Wannberg is a designer and master cabinet maker based in Stockholm.

At the core of Wannberg’s vision lies an ambition to show the strength and presence of fine craftsmanship, through creating furniture that embraces a contemporary and sleek design with a nod to heritage and tradition.

Wannberg’s desire is for the customer to understand the production of each piece and to feel the knowledge and passion that goes into crafting sustainable furniture. His work is a long way from mass production and industrial design. The pieces are often created intuitively, where by the material itself often steers the process organically. Wannberg draws inspiration from the rich heritage of cabinet making as well as from art and architecture.

Wood continues to be Wannberg’s most loved material for his work, but he occasionally draws inspiration from other materials such as metal, concrete and acrylic. Regardless of medium, Wannberg’s design combines the skills of craftsmanship with a visual language that enriches and inspires. All his furniture respectfully continues in the steps of earlier generations of furniture masters throughout their history and key moments of cultural significance.